Park and landscape

Xiongan Jiaoye Park,located on the north of Xiongan New Area covers total area of 17,848,800 ㎡ 14 urban exhibition parks and 1 Xiongan main venue. The 14 exhibition parks are distributed around the East Lake, forming a cluster layout structure of "one lake and four areas“, in which Hengshui Park, Dingzhou Park, Cangzhou Park, Langfang Park, Baoding Park, Zhangjiakou Park, etc. separately have their own characteristics.

Yuerong Park, located on the north-south historical and cultural axis of Xiongan New Area, adjacent to the Rongyi Road in the north and Rongwu Expressway in the south. The park covers  the area of about 1,600,000 ㎡.

Jinhu Park, located in Rongdong District of Xiongan New Area, connecting all parts of Rongdong District. It is adjacent to Yuerong Park in the west, folk-custom park in the east, with total area of 2,480,000㎡.